Online Book Club

This online book club meets once a month to discuss books. Past books include Peace Like A River, Mrs. Kennedy and Me, and Reconstructing Amelia.

How It Works

We meet the first Monday of the month at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific to discuss the book.

The meeting "host" changes each month. The "host" chooses 3 books for the group to vote on and may lead the discussion about the book. Some people come up with questions to ask to guide the discussion, some do not. Hosting is voluntary.

We try to give a week for the book vote. The poll goes out the week before the meeting so that we can announce the book at the meeting.

It's a very relaxed group. There's no pressure to read the book every month or attend the meeting every month. Some people have been reading the books but not attending the meetings. Some have come to the meetings without having read the whole book. And some just like to know what everyone's reading.